Morocco - The Cultural Diverse Country That Captures the Heart of Every Visitor

Morocco is a very popular tourist destination and is a country that offers any visitor history, culture and of course the chance to haggle at one of the many souks across the country. Morocco officially the Kingdom of Morocco is an North African country with a population of 32 million. It's capital is Rabat but that is more of a working financial city and not really the best place to visit. Morocco has a beautiful coast line on the Atlantic Ocean that reaches past the straight of Gibraltar into the Mediterranean Sea perfect for those who love to relax by the sea. Morocco's largest city is Casablanca.

Morocco is an ethnically diverse country with a vibrant culture and civilization. Moroccan's take their arts seriously and have a diverse array of art and literature for you to choose from. Moroccan writers such as Mohammed Choukri and Fatima Mernissi are two prime examples of the great writers of Morocco. As for the art is has really blossomed since independence in painting and sculpture, music, theatre and film making. As for the music if you get to visit the World Festival of Sacred Music which takes place in Fes every summer then you will get the chance to see music artists from all over the planet. It is a festival that aims to represent the spiritual heart of Islam.

There are some great cities to visit in Morocco and each region possesses it own specific traditions and ethnicity which all contribute to the national culture and why Morocco fascinates and captures the heart of so many visitors and why they come back.

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